• Image of Valentines Day with Mendiants
  • Image of Valentines Day with Mendiants
  • Image of Valentines Day with Mendiants

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Valentines Day with Mendiants

Celebrate Valentine with these amazing French chocolates Mendiants.


Mendiants - Dry Fruit & Nut Mixed Chocolates - Mendiants is basically a french chocolate. It is made with few verities of dry nuts such as almond, pistachios, cashew nut, wall nut and dry fruit such as figs and raisins. 

This is a milk chocolate. It has beautiful lovable shape. Taste is just delicious. Great chocolate to try and gift to your loved ones.Heart shaped soft toy will be ramained as sweet memory.

Every chocolate is filled with delicious milk chocolate with paste of roasted nuts such as almond, cashew nut, walnut. Every nut is roasted at perfect temperature. 

Every Mendiant is made to make your day the best.Have this traditional French chocolate for India's Valentine and it will surely gets you full marks.What you will get in this pack: 6 Mendiants Chocolates + Beautiful Heart Shaped Soft Toy + Gift Wrap + Quick Shipping

Every chocolate is handpicked, packed nicely and have life span up to 100 days. Every Chocolate is unique of its taste and is 100% natural and vegetarian.

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