• Image of Rakhi with Caramel Chocolates
  • Image of Rakhi with Caramel Chocolates
  • Image of Rakhi with Caramel Chocolates

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Rakhi with Caramel Chocolates

Celebrate Rakhi with amazing 12 Caramel Chocolate Truffles - 7 unique combination of our signature caramel chocolate collection is made for all the caramel and chocolate truffle collection. One of our most selling chocolate combinations. Your brother surely will love these amazing caramel truffles. You may not find these varieties any where in India.

The caramel varieties are: Natural caramel, honey caramel, caramel orange, caramel coconut, caramel coffee, caramel banana, caramel lychee.

You will get all the above 7 varieties of chocolate in the quantity of 12.We make our caramel to make these chocolate truffles, everything is handcrafted and blend with the best mix of chocolate and caramel. You would not find such range of chocolate truffles any where in India. 

Chocolate mantra is proud to bring the best quality caramel chocolate truffles to Indian chocolate truffles. Chocolate Truffles, we call them as chocolate laddus in Indian version. They are soft outside and smooth and juicy inside.

We offer free and express shipping using best of class Indian courier providers. We ship to any place and any city India. To all metro cities we offer 2 days delivery

What you will get in this pack: Traditional Rakhi + 12 Chocolates, 7 varieties Caramel Truffles + Free Chocolate Samples + Gift Packing + Free & Express Shipping

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